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Ford is adding a well-known model like the Focus to the ever-growing class of crossover vehicles, those who combine spaciousness with practicality and off-road capabilities. We got to know the Ford Active range through the Fiesta and now the Focus is added to this range. The Focus Active differs from the other versions of the range as it is 30mm taller on the front axle and 34mm on the rear axle and of course with the different front grille and new bumpers. We had the station wagon version available, but the hatchback version can also be as Active ordered. The Focus Active of our test was painted in Glow Orange colour which happens to be the model’s launch colour, which suits both its appearance and character. This version also mounts on 18-wheel rims with 215 / 50R18 tires but our winter tire test car was equipped with 16-inch wheels.


On the interior the picture looks and is very fresh and youthful. The 4th generation of Focus was introduced about a year ago and compared to previous generations Ford has managed to present a very modern and dynamic shape and of course the same philosophy has passed into the interior of the car. As they said ´the new Focus was designed from scratch´. The top of the center console is dominated by the large 8-inch touchscreen display that hosts the new Ford Sync 3 multimedia system. Also new is the instrument panel, which combines analogue instruments and a high-definition display. The materials and quality of the joint are at a high level and the overall picture is much upgraded compared to previous generations. Storage options are plenty in the cabin and in the luggage compartment with the practicality and ergonomics being an integral part of the Active version. The new Focus generation offers more space for passengers and in particular rear passengers will find plenty of room for both the knees and the head. The luggage compartment could not be an exception especially in our station wagon version, in which the capacity reaches 608 liters and can be easily increased by folding the rear seats up to 1653 liters.


The Ford Focus has always been a very interesting driving car and the Active is of course no exception. The increased distance from the ground is not perceptible and the low driving position enhances further the driver’s confidence. An important difference of the Active version is the absence of multi-link suspension on the rear axle and its replacement by independent suspension on each wheel. On the road the car behaves exemplarily, being always predictable and safe. It is worth mentioning that despite the absence of 4 wheel drive system Ford has added 2 new driving modes specifically for Active to make up for this shortage. In addition to the standard options like NORMAL, ECO and SPORT we have the option of SLIPPERY road and GRAVEL. These programs modify the traction control’s interference in order to prevent the wheels from slipping on slippery roads or to allow them to slip when moving on dirt or gravel roads. Beyond the driving on a B road, the Focus is ideal for long trips as it is exceptionally quiet and comfortable and is not affected by aerodynamic noise. Of course, the mechanical part of the car also makes a special contribution. Our test car wore the new 2-liter Ecoblue diesel engine with 150 hp and 370 Nm of torque which is combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers comfortable driving and low fuel consumption. The throttle response is immediate and the gearbox changes the gears quickly and without interruption to acceleration while being equally friendly to shiftdowns mainly in manual operation. The engine also has a SCR catalyst and complies with Euro 6d norm.

Technology and security

Focus Active comes with a great suite of technologies that makes driver’s life easy and safe. So here we come across assistive systems such as active cruise control, lane and fatigue control as well as automatic parking. Our test car was equipped with LED headlamps that provide the ability to amplify the high beam and can also follow the vehicle’s speed in turns while receiving the necessary information from the steering system. In addition to the navigation system, Sync 3 incorporates voice commands connected to a mobile phone (Android-IOS) and allows the driver via application on our mobile phone to be able to have complete control of the vehicle such as total kilometers, remaining tank fuel, tire pressure and also its exact location.

To whom ???

The Ford Focus Active is an interesting car that manages to combine everything the modern driver demands such as safety, economy and a complete technology package. It’s a car that a lot of families will love because of the practicality, the safety and it will not say no to the weekend excursions. On the other hand the Focus Active still remains a Focus with all the driving specialties that come with it, which are difficult to find nowadays. At the end of the day it’s something that you can’t skip.

Konstantinos Bekiaris
Dipl. Automobilingenieur FH

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