Mercedes Benz GLE 300d.

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In the last 10 years, the category of SUVs – the vehicles that combine off-road capabilities with the convenience of on-road driving – has been gaining increasing popularity. Almost all manufacturers have at least 3 different SUV types in order to meet customer needs. These requirements include not only space and practicality but also high-end equipment, top-of-the-line driving characteristics and for many, the status offered by owning such a vehicle.

Modern SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) are vehicles that offer a wealth of features such as dynamic road handling, top of the class comfort and safety equipment and of course the necessary practicality for the passengers. They are vehicles that go beyond the narrow meaning of the term ‘off-road’ and define a new status both in the consciousness of the customers and in the way we see vehicles in this category. Such a vehicle is also our test one and of course we speak about the Mercedes Benz GLE 300d.

We got to know the GLE with its coupe version, which of course was the awe of the BMW X6. We were able to drive the hatchback version with the 2liter turbodiesel engine.


The word exaggeration matches perfectly with the character and look of GLE. The design of the car is very dynamic, it does not hide its volume and especially with the AMG packet the car looks like a ´´bully´´ in compare to the other cars. The dynamic look is completed with the enormous 22 inch alloy wheels, the aerodynamic dumpers and the dual exhaust pipe.

On the interior the very supporting sport seats and the 3 spoke sport steering wheel give the necessary sportiness to the driver. But the element that causes the admiration is the equipment of the vehicle. The traditional dashboard has been replaced by a huge touch screen that extends up to the center console. This system is named MUBX and it was first introduced in the already existing generation of the A-Class. It combines all known functions like telephone connection, navigation, voice commands, weather forecast and more. For the GLE, Mercedes took a step further and the car is also combined with a navigation system which supports augmented reality and a night vision technology with a thermal camera, which informs the driver of the possible existence of small animals on the roadside. Of course, the head-up display is very readable and redefined. For drivers who are constantly on the move, GLE has good news, as it offers a wireless charger in the middle of the console.

And after registering our destination on the GPS and charging the cell phone, we need to adjust  the seat and of course the interior lighting. GLE seats offer a range of options and settings such as their full electric adjustment, massage function as well as the ever-changing driver and co-driver support which is very helpful for the long distance driving. Of course the front seat heating is self-evident as well as the ability to cool the seats – a useful feature for the summer months. Choosing a different colour of lighting in the interior gives a different note to the design of the car cab depending on the mood of the driver and if this seems to be enough, then the choice of perfume in the interior  gives it a sense of luxury and exclusivity. The rear passengers can also adjust their seats and enjoy the 4 zone climatronic system. The luggage compartment could be significantly larger for the size of the car, with the capacity being adequate for 4 passengers with their luggages.


After the adjustment of the numerous systems the GLE provides, is time to check how this car feels on the road. GLE’s heavy body is being moved by the 2-liter turbodiesel with 245-hp and 500 Nm of torque and is combined with the 9G-tronic transmission and 4-wheel drive system. Although the engine is only 2.0 liter, it accelerates the GLE comfortably and also its performance is impressive. Yes it is powerful and the torque is present at every speed range but during acceleration you have the feeling that you would still need 100 hp or 2 more cylinders, which you can find at a higher price of course in the 400d with 330 Hp and 700Nm of torque. For drivers who may not are in the mood to drive home after work, GLE allows Level 2 autonomous driving, with the driver having to touch the steering wheel every 20 seconds. Of course for the off-road adventures there is also the possibility of increase or decrease the distance from the ground (the car is equipped with an air-suspension) depending on the requirements of the road.

 The GLE is a large and heavy SUV with a modern look and truly endless equipment. It creates the right conditions for you to live and travel and gives you the feeling that you are in a capsule and nothing from the outside world can disturb the peace and security that you experience with GLE. It really gives you everything and brings you to another level of driving experience that only a Mercedes can provide. Of course this experience will cost a lot of money and in our test version it goes just over 150,000 euros. The 2 liter engine of the 300d version is decent with good power and torque but surely the 400d six-cylinder diesel perfectly fits the style and character of the GLE.

Konstantinos I. Bekiaris
Automotive Engineer

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